Automation For OS X and iOS

A collection of articles I’ve found helpful.

OS X – Setup & Installation

Hacker’s Guide to Setting up Your Mac
A guide to setting up a new Mac quickly whilst leveraging the power of automation.

A packet manager for OS X

Homebrew Cask
Extends Homebrew allowing one to install apps.

OS X – Automator

Automator for Mac OS X: Tutorial and Examples
A tutorial covering some basic ways to use Automator.

Getting Started with JavaScript for Automation on Yosemite
Assumes working knowledge of JavaScript already.

OS X – Keyboard Maestro

A Beginner’s Guide to Automating Your Mac with Keyboard Maestro
Does what it says on the tin.

Keyboard Maestro I: Introduction
First in a series of tutorials meant for beginners.

iOS – Workflow

8 Reasons to Love the New Workflow App for iOS
Some Workflow basics.

Thought Asylum’s collection of Workflow Posts
Not just posts, but downloadable Workflows too.

iOS – Launch Center Pro

Automating iOS: A Comprehensive and Updated Guide to Launch Center Pro
A fantastic article on how to use Launch Center Pro

Launch Center Pro: An Adoption Strategy…
Not a how-to automate with LCP so much as a how-to force yourself to use LCP.

Quantified-Self: The Power Of Day One & Launch Center Pro**
Basics of using Day One and LCP together.

iOS – Day One

Day One / Templates
Tools and techniques to extend Day One. LCP, Workflow and TextExpander are all featured.