Getting your Photostream images into Lightroom

I don’t use Photos or iPhotos, I use Lightroom, but I still want all my pretty cellphone photos to magically appear without me having to do any work. Hazel can make that happen.

1. Find and open your Photos Library

In Pictures, choose the Photos Library, and right-click. Choose Show Package Contents from the context menu.

Inside the Photos Library package, open the Masters folder and note there are subfolders named by year. Each of these subfolders need to be added to Hazel as watched folders.

Hazel won’t let you browse into a package so to be able to add these year folders, first make an alias of each folder (right-click each folder and choose Make Alias).

2. Move aliases

Move the aliases you made in the previous step into a new folder outside the Photos Library package. I made a “processing” folder called Hazel – Photos to Lightroom for this purpose. Inside that folder I place the alias folders, but also create a !Lightroom Import folder which I will tell Lightroom to import from at a later stage.

3. Add aliases to Hazel as watched folders

Add each aliased folder to Hazel. Add the following two rules to each aliased folder you told Hazel to watch

4. First Hazel rule

Add the Go into subfolders rule to each aliased folder

5. Second Hazel rule

Add the Move images to Lightroom Import Folder rule to each aliased folder. The folder you choose to move to should be one you have already created in the “processing” folder in Step 2.

I choose to move the image files, I don’t recommend it, I don’t know what might happen and I’m pretty sure it probably breaks Photos somehow. As I don’t use Photos at all, and it seems to work for me so far, I don’t really care. However I strongly recommend COPYING the image files in this stage rather than moving them. Remember COPY DON’T MOVE.

6. Import the new photos into Lightroom

I choose to import the photos manually, that way Lightroom moves them to the appropriate subfolders in accordance with my preferences.

If you don’t care how the photos are sorted, you can make Lightroom do an auto-import by setting it to watch and auto-import from the folder Hazel moves (copies) the image files into. If you do that, the entire workflow should be completely automated.

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Hazel Rules – Seamwork Magazine

I have subscribed to Seamwork Magazine since the beginning, but it wasn’t until yesterday I got fed up enough with downloading and renaming the various files each issue is comprised of to actually do something about it.

I made a couple of Hazel rules (in order. This is important!) in my Downloads watched folder, I’m sure I’ve either done it “wrong” or in a terribly clunky way, but it works and that will do for now.

So now all I have to do is download the magazine PDF or pattern zip file in question to my downloads folder and they are automagically unzipped, renamed, tagged and moved to the correct locations and any leftover folders are deleted.

The Downloads watched folder

Unzip Archives

Act on Seamwork Folder

Seamwork Patterns Rename, Tag & Move

Seamwork Magazine Rename, Tag & Move

Renaming pattern

I replaced as follows (quotes not included, merely to show spaces etc.):

“seamwork-” with “Seamwork ”

“-all-1127” with “ all”

“-content-1127” with “ content”

“-instructions-1127” with “ instructions”

“-wide-1127” with “ wide”

“-“ with “ – “

I also checked Title Case.