I’m an introvert with eclectic tastes. I’m very shy but loud, wide-eyed yet sceptical  easily amused but often earnest, quite dumb and rather clever (sometimes within the same conversation). And I’m fickle. And oblivious. And I tend to take things literally. And I’m poly.

I’m tragically unfashionable, and can almost always be found wearing a hoodie, jeans, and t-shirts with references to games, films, etc. emblazoned across the front (I think that kind of t-shirt is clever and fun. Make of that what you will). I’d like to dress like Joan from Mad Men, but somehow always seem to end up like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory.

I adore gadgets (oooh shiny!), solving crossword puzzles (NYT preferably), and I have a mild obsession with all things cute (ok, not so mild). I collect mini-figs (in a somewhat desultory fashion), overuse brackets (like I needed to tell you that), and even in summer I only ever have a screen-tan.

tl;dr = 73% geek, the rest is girly-bits.