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My First Manatee

I couldn’t resist the newest DIYFluffies (manatee!) pattern, and bought it immediately. I love manatees and I love plushies, and I love DIYFluffies plushie patterns especially.

It came out a little wonky, but cute enough, and was absolutely easy enough for me to want to give it another try. This was the first time I tried attaching details like eyes, and nostrils with satin stitch and I think with some practice I can probably get them looking quite nice. Fabric is a cheap fleece blanket from IKEA which seems to be discontinued now, which is a pity since it’s pretty much the perfect manatee colour. Eyes are bits of felt from Stoff og Stil I cut into extremely wobbly circles.

Camp Catkin

I made Nightshade a little tent to hide and snuggle in, based on the pattern and tutorial by Kid Giddy on Sew Mama Sew. I only used the sewing instructions as I had to make it bigger than the original, and ended up drafting a pattern myself.

I used a cheap fleece Ikea blanket for most of it, a piece of polar fleece from Stoff og Stil for the internal floor, and Pem piping from Jula for the structural support.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the rest of the Pem piping, I have *a lot* left.


Nightshade seems to enjoy it a bit at least.

Pyramid Pattern Weights


I finally decided to just make the pattern weights that I so sorely need. I was tired of piling various sewing tools on top of my pattern/fabric to hold it down. I’d been putting off making my own sewn weights because all the patterns and tutorials I’d found demanded hand sewing to finish them off. Well, I hate hand sewing, hence no pattern weights were made.

After making a number of the pattern weights using the free pattern so kindly provided by Tea Rose Home, it turns out I don’t actually hate hand sewing, I quite like it. I’m terrible at it, but at least I won’t avoid it in the future.

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